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Collections and Exhibits

Art Gallery

Memories of China, Part II: Selections from the Flora Heebner Collection
May 29 – March 31, 2019

Schwenkfelder Missionary Flora Heebner served in China from 1904 to 1942, and during her tenure there, accumulated a large collection of textiles, ceramics, and other objects that illustrated her experiences. The Heritage Center will present part of this collection in the Art Gallery along with photos of the places Flora called home and the many friends and colleagues she made over her nearly forty-year stay.

First Floor Gallery

19th Century Dresses and Millinery from the Heritage Center Collection
June 8 – November 2

This summer we'll be revisiting our costume collection and featuring a selection of early to late-19th century dresses, hats and bonnets in the First Floor Gallery. Collections volunteer Charlotte Puff has been working on making the dresses look just right on the mannequins, and we are very pleased to be able to share them with our visitors.

Meeting Room Gallery

Perkiomen Valley Quilts
June 1 November 16

The quilt design known locally as "Perkiomen Valley" will be featured in a special exhibit. Perkiomen Valley quilts are technically known as split nine patch for the way the individual patchwork blocks are constructed. The pattern can be dazzling! We will include antique Perkiomen Valley quilts from the Heritage Center collection as well as contemporary versions made by local quilters. Don't miss this textile tribute to our lovely valley!

Fraktur Gallery

Pennsylvania German Samplers
Through October 5, 2018

For Penn Dry Goods Market 2018 we are planning a special treat—an exhibit of Pennsylvania German samplers from the Schwenkfelder and other collections. This survey of samplers will focus on regional similarities and differences, and a comparison of needlework done by members of religious groups such as the Schwenkfelders and the Mennonites. We'll offer some ideas on how motifs were transmitted and carried across generations and also contrast the work done under the auspices of a teacher versus the work done at home and influenced by family and friends. We hope to provide new insight into this very significant aspect of many young Pennsylvania German women's lives.

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