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Collections and Exhibits

Local History Gallery

Kid Curator: Creating a Story!
May 4 - May 30

Children created their pieces in a continuation of our Kid Curator program. The artwork is centered around the theme of Helping Others. Children submitted their work or completed the pieces on-site.

Meeting Room Gallery

Strips and Stripes:
Quilts from the Permanent Collection

Through April 30, 2021

This year we'll be featuring quilts constructed using strips of fabric, including Log Cabin, Courthouse Steps, Strippy, and other well-known patterns. The Meeting Room will be filled with a riot of color and design! Come in for some inspiration for a winter quilt project.

Fraktur Gallery

Fraktur Treasures Revisited
Through April 2, 2021

Soon after we opened the addition to the Schwenkfelder Library in 2001, we held an exhibit of what we called "Fraktur Treasures" from our permanent collection. This year, with the opening of our newest addition, we will be taking a fresh look at the treasures-and some that weren't included before-in a new exhibit. We're planning an Interactive area within the exhibit where you can leave your thoughts on what you think is a treasure, and what is not.

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