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Brown Bag Lunch Lectures


Schwenckfeld and the Stillstand
Presented by Allen Viehmeyer
June 13, noon

In 1526 Caspar Schwenckfeld and his supporters declared that they would not participate in communion until all the reformers had come to an agreement on the interpretation of the Eucharist. How did Schwenckfeld, Catholics and the other reformers understand the Eucharist? How was the Stillstand observed in Silesia and Pennsylvania by 18th and 19th century Schwenkfelders?

Route 100 Through the Goshenhoppen Regioun in the Early 1900s
Presented by Aaron Heckler
July 11, noon

The path of the road now known as PA Route 100, as it goes from Boyertown to Shimerville today, differs in many places from what it was 100 years ago. In a thoroughly illustrated power point presentation utilizing photographic picture postcards, mostly dating from 1905 - 1920, attendees will see and learn about the numerous hotels, stores, businesses, churches, and other interesting enterprises and people that imparted life into the villages and towns along with important thoroughfare.

The Tragic Story of Bill Howe: Local Civil War Deserter
Presented by Bob Wood
August 8, noon

In 1863 Bill Howe, a laborer living in Perkiomenville, enlisted in the Union army and rendered heroic service at the Battle of Fredericksburg. Through an unfortunate chain of events, within a year he was hanged by the Federal government and buried in a farm field in Upper Frederick Township.

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