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Adult Education

Brown Bag Lunch Lectures

Schwenckfeld, the Eucharist, and his Expression of the Christian Faith
Presented by Dr. Drake Williams, III
June 9, noon

The Schwenkfelder movement was born out of the Reformation controversy about the Eucharist. As Caspar Schwenckfeld was forming his own thoughts about the Eucharist, it led him to arrive at a unique interpretation of it. This seminar considers how he expressed his opinions about the Eucharist to other Reformers in the confrontational times of the 1500s and in relation to other statements that he made about the person of Christ.


The Word in the Wilderness
Presented by Alex Ames
August 11, noon

Fraktur manuscripts are some of the best-known artifacts in the world of early Pennsylvania German material culture, and the documents have inspired much interest among collectors and scholars for generations. Yet fundamental questions about the manuscripts' textual contents and religious significance remain. Attendes will learn about the global history of manuscript culture in the 1700s and 1800s before discussing new ways to analyze and interpret this famous Pennsylvania art form.

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