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Brown Bag Lunch Lectures

History of Rug Braiding in the United States
Presented by Christine Manges
March 13, noon

Braided rag rugs have been around for centuries, and with good cause: they're an ideal use of old fabric, and they're so sturdy that they can last an amazingly long time. Join us for this history of rug braiding.

Music Created and Performed at the Ephrata Cloister in the 18th Century
Presented by Allen Viehmeyer
April 10, noon

The Ephrata Cloister was a unique institution in 18th century Pennsylvania. This lecture will highlight the hymns and hymn tunes that were written by members of the Cloister. The Cloister produced an immense repertoire of some the earliest music written and performed in Colonial America.

No lecture on May 8 due to Penn Market

A Different Family Tree
Presented by Allen Viehmeyer
June 12, noon

Language family trees and all their branches are similar to human famly tress and their off-shoots. Like humans, languages change over time. New ones grow and old ones die. This lecture will help you understand the roots, ancestors and development of the language you speak.

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