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Adult Education

Brown Bag Lunch Lectures

Schwenckfeld, Schwenkfelders, and a Distortion about Jesus
Presented by Rev. Dr. Drake Williams, III
September 11, noon

What Christians believe about Jesus is significant. In the time of the Reformation, Caspar Schwenckfeld presented a middle way about the Christian faith. He also wrote some ideas that some have considered distorted about Jesus and dangerous for his followers. This presentation will look at what the distortion is, and why it could be significant. It will also provide some ways that his followers have handled it.

Wills - That's All He Wrote
Presented by Jerry Heebner
October 9, noon

Unique and intriguing aspects of early Schwenkfelder wills? This program will discover oddities and other interesting items in the Wills found in the Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families.

Traveling between West Germany and East Germany
Presented by Allen Viehmeyer
November 13, noon

His experiences as an American traveling between West Germany, West Berlin, and East Berlin in 1962, 1977, and 1988 will be illustrated by photos of the period.

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